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Enduring Promise
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire
Rating: Wicked
Release Date: June 23, 2006

Before Armand died by the hands of a vampire-hunting mob, he vowed Giselle Dubois he’d find a way to return to her on All Hallows' Eve. But after three centuries of waiting, her hopes have vanished, and feeling lonely, she is about to walk into the sunlight and end her life on All Hallows' Eve.

Until Armand wanders into Giselle's house. Except now he’s now thirty-five-year-old photographer Evan Harris. And he doesn’t remember her. She must awake his memories before dawn, using every single sensual means at her disposal. But would he be the same Armand she knew and loved?

Available through Cobblestone Press, Fictionwise, Mobipocket, and

Read an excerpt.


"This is a great sensual paranormal romance. The tension between the two sizzles and each time they make love is more intense than the last. Even though this is a short story it reads like a full length and will leave you wanting for nothing." - 5.5 Magical Wands - Astraea, Enchanted Ramblings

"Ms. Knight penned a beautiful and haunting tale of love and lovers. Enduring Promise is well written and executed in a flawless descriptive style. So well written that if all stories were of this caliber there would never be another unpleasant review or a need for a reviewer for that matter. Ms. Knight has a voice that many writers dream of, yet never quite ascertain." - Janalee Ruschhaupt, Paranormal Romance Reviews

"This is a super steamy book, written with finesse by Tempest Knight. The characters are hot and sexy with chemistry to spare. The writing is seamless, blending the past and present beautifully. This is great for a quick read, very hot and satisfying." - 4 ½ Kisses - Christina Cross, Romance Divas

"Tempest Knight, is sure to please with this novel, and is not to be missed. Enduring Promise is loaded with lots of plot-thickening additives, so curl up and enjoy. The story progresses so smoothly that you won't find a good stopping point. So make sure you have a couple hours to devote to it. The history and setting of this story makes you feel as if you were observing from a distance. As you are reading you can't help but feel for Gisele and Armand. These two lovers have traveled through time to be together but only from reading Enduring Promise will you ever know whether they have succeeded." - 4 clovers - Joyce, Kwips and Kritiques

"The imagery was evocative, the descriptions were spine-chilling at times, and the idea of a kind of bond between the two lead characters was intriguing Enduring Promise flashes readers from modern-day times back to peasant revolts, even as it richly chronicles the grief and loss experienced by the sultry vampire Giselle. Overflowing with eroticism and packed with the power of true love, Enduring Promise makes good on its word, telling a tale of hot interludes and more." - 4 Angels - Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

"This is a fantastic vampire romance. Passionate, dark, and lonely is the tone set for this romance. Great characters with intense dialogue carry this romance as the steamy love scenes are blended in and finally mixed with the storyline for one entertaining read." - Wateena, Coffee Time Romance

"Enduring Promise by Tempest Knight is a wonderful story of love lost and found again. This fast-paced story pulled me in with its hot love scenes and touching emotions that continued for 300 years. Readers who enjoy vampire tales will take pleasure in Enduring Promise." - Amelia, Joyfully Reviewed

"It's short, tight and HOT! Ms. Knight manages, in only a few pages, to make me care about these two characters. ... had the elements I need: good sex, a bit of blood, and two characters who lead you through their story by the short and curlies." - Literary Sass